Book 4

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Meet Libby, the newest scientist in the "Loves Science" series! What will Libby discover at her school fair today? Libby investigates the world by mixing, measuring, experimenting, and asking "What if?" Why? Because Libby loves science!

"Joining the ranks of strong girls in STEM [is] Libby . . . Brightly colored artwork bubbles with Libby’s enthusiasm . . . This book is a natural fit for classroom science units and home use." - Booklist

"The wonderfully diverse array of characters sport jubilant expressions as they search for, plan out, and try different experiments, from researching and working with ingredients to observing their results. VERDICT A successful marriage of solid information and good fun, this book expresses a love for the topic that will encourage kids to follow their curiosity and develop their own appreciation for science." - School Library Journal


"The diverse characters are accessible and fun. Murray’s bright, cartoon illustrations, patterned after Harrison’s aesthetic, generate excitement around their adventures. ...Science lovers will be happy to continue collecting these titles, and the incorporation of well-loved activities like cooking and making slime just may convert science skeptics into science lovers too. Sure to inspire real-life experimentation. (science facts)" - Kirkus Reviews