Book 1

“Cece is a smart and curious girl who loves to get to the bottom of all her complex questions. ...Harrison’s expressive digital illustrations have a lot of energy, color, and motion...A fun way to introduce scientific methods.” —Booklist

“Words and pictures combine to make smooth blend of entertainment and education that may be useful in early elementary classrooms. An appealing concoction.”

—School Library Journal

"Harrison’s clean, bright illustrations add expression and personality to the story. ...this endearing protagonist earns a place on the children’s STEM shelf. A good introduction to observation, data, and trying again.” — Kirkus Reviews

"It’s a good read for children, especially those interested in STEM.” —The Houston Chronicle

“'Cece Loves Science' is all about the joys of STEM education...inclusion at its finest, operating as a window into a world to which we can all aspire.” —My Statesman

Book 2

"A worthy message about girls embracing science." —Publishers Weekly


"The array of adept female characters are sure to become reader favorites...perfect for a STEM read-aloud." —School Library Journal


"Smart girls, friendship, and fun: a winning combination." —Kirkus Reviews

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